Democrat For Civil Court Judge

 Primary- Tuesday, September 12, 2017

General Election on November 7th, 2017

"Justice with Compassion"

Sandra Elena Roper as a civil rights lawyer, while also a hospital pharmacist, has been an ardent community advocate, referred to as the woman with “Velvet Gloves” and “Steel Balls”, by the press. Roper was the first person of color to run for Brooklyn District Attorney after taking the baton from the late Judge John Phillips after he was unceremoniously removed as a candidate by the incumbent.  Roper’s bravery, tenacity and perseverance kept her on course despite no political backing, incredibly modest finances and disproportionate malicious tactics  by the incumbent, which led  to her granted request for federal election day monitors by then US Attorney General John Ashcroft. 

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"Justice Not Politics"

Sandra Elena Roper